We provide amazing production services for mobile, desktop, console, web and live event games.

Here are some of the games we've made.
Second Chances
  • Educational
  • iOS Android
Disney XD Thumbnail Oz Monsters
Disney XD Oz Apoclaypse
  • Advertising
  • Desktop
  • Web
Rocket Pets Mobile Game Thumbnail
Rocket Pets
  • iOS Android
Optus Speed Of Bolt HTML5 Web App Game Icon
Optus Speed Of Bolt
  • Advertising
  • Desktop
  • Events
  • HTML5
  • iOS Android
  • Web
Little Ripper HTML5 Game Thumbnail
Westpac Little Ripper
  • Desktop
  • HTML5
  • Web
Pfizer Xalkori Meet CR1Z
Pfizer VR Experiences
  • Advertising
  • Educational
  • Experimental
  • VR

Who we work with.

We work with the world’s most successful and recognised IPs and clients.

Games developed for your platforms.

We understand that successful game apps have to reach as many platforms as possible. We support and provide hardware for iOS, Android mobile devices, Xbox, Playstation consoles, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Mac desktop platforms.

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Viral branded advertising games

We partner with the world’s best advertising and media agencies.

Collaboratively with our advertising partners, we work with global brands to create and develop popular games, effectively communicating brand messages with a goal to increase traffic to your campaign. We help to promote your game, not only by its amazing game play mechanics, but by integrating it with popular social platforms including Facebook Gameroom, Instant Messenger, Twitter or Chatbots. Our HTML5 branded games can be played on almost any device, from web to desktop and even cross platform on mobile devices. You can see analytical traffic results of your game live, and update your game instantly anytime. We provide the essential and responsive support during campaigns to direct more traffic to your advertising messages.

Read a case study on the game endorsed by Usain Bolt: Optus Speed Of Bolt, promoting Optus’ 4G high speed internet mobile services.

Educational games for good

We create games that attempt to change the world

We work with Australia’s most reputable Universities, and world-changing Not-For-Profit Organisations. We help these amazing institutions create real world impact, reach their goals, and deliver their messages to audiences through the power of interacting and playing games. Mode has a proven track record of creating educational games for good. The games captivate players with unique designs and hold your educational and pedagogical intentions at their core.

Read a case study on a programme we developed with AIME and Google to help them reach their goals to get young Indigenous Australians engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Made with professional industry standard tools.

We develop our games with the industry's best development tools Unity, Unreal Engine, HTML5 and Xamarin. We build exceptional games at a reasonable price and within your time frame.

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We’d love to hear from you and about your idea/project to work with us. If you send us a message, we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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