UNSW Physics HTML5 Mobile Game

UNSW Engineering Physics

STEM learning with Jenga physics

In collaboration with UNSW and Science educators from Reaction Media, we developed a STEM learning game. The game, intended as one of a series of games for UNSW, was built with the specific purpose to teach a principal of engineering to first year engineering students. The game and future games will also be used as marketing tools to pre-tertiary education students.

The game is built with a bespoke HTML5 game engine and makes use of Web Audio API and Box2D for JS.  Building it in HTML5 allowed the game to be played on any device, adapting its resolution to the device it’s played on.

The initial games design is a variation on the popular block game ‘Jenga’. It challenges students to maintain the structural integrity of the tower, under a set level, while attempting to remove a fixed number of blocks. A status is awarded to the player depending on the amount of structural shift of the blocks in the tower while removing the blocks. There are ten stages in total which are designed to be exciting but short, and challenging to complete.

Mode Monster Plays Jenga

Physics + HTML5 = Awesome

This project is built with Modes bespoke HTML5 game engine with the worlds most popular open source JS libraries such as PIXI and Box2D. The result an amazing cross platform game playable on almost any web enabled device.


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