Super Adventure Pals Fighting Mobile Game

Super Pals Battle Arena

Button Smashing Fun

We ported the popular web game Super Adventure Pals to mobile, in a new version of the arcade beat ’em up called Battle Arena. In this game you can fight with a selection of fighters, competing in various game modes within a tournament. The game has been successful with more than 800K downloads (about 5-10K users per day) totaling more than 1.3M game plays worldwide. The game features many in-app purchase systems to help monetise and give a return to the client. These include systems such as remove ads, unlimited play and interstitial ads. Get in the battling arena now and start competing!

Mode Monster Adventure Pals

Porting mobile games

We ported this game to mobile and tablet devices within 4 weeks. The game was soon after QA testing released on for both iOS and Android and today has almost 1 million game plays


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