Optus Speed Of Bolt Facebook Instant Messenger Promo

Speed Of Bolt

Run with Usain Bolt

We developed a simple but very addictive HTML5 game to promote the Optus services with our friends at Amobee. The campaign features the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt promoted on Snap Chat and Facebook. The game allows you to run at the speed of bolt on all mobile and desktop platforms. The player’s goal is to maintain your speed by collecting speed and building this up to unleash Bolt Speed for maximum points.

Mode Monster Plays Mobile

A fast social advertising game within a budget

We developed this simple game idea with the restrictions of a thin brief, a short time frame/budget for one of the worlds largest Media Agencies Amobee. The client wanted a game that focused on speed, even the game had to load fast, Mode provided not only the game development services but also the hosting services to ensure the games performance exceeded expectations. During the campaign the game had up to 20K unique plays per day to a total of 500K+ during the entire campaign localised to target market of Australia.


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