Little Ripper HTML5 Mobile Game

Little Ripper

Drone copter rescue delivery

We developed a simple but very addictive HTML5 game to promote the Little Ripper Life Saver Rescue with our friends at DDB and  Westpac. The Little Ripper is a remote controlled drone copter making a big difference in the safety of Aussie lives from the beach to the bush. The game we developed was designed for use in schools to educate kids on The Little Ripper. The game allows you to take control of the Little Ripper on mobile and desktop platform, the goal is to deliver rescue packages within three distinct terrain environments the bush, sea and mountains.

Mode Monster Plays Mobile

A fun arcade game within a budget

We developed this simple game idea with the restrictions of a thin brief, a short time frame/budget for one of the worlds largest Advertising Agencies DDB. The client wanted a game that was fun while still hitting on some of the key messages of the Little Ripper, we worked with DDB and Westpac.


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