Leap Mountain VR Leap Motion Game

Leap Mountain

Climb A Virtual Wall With Your Hands

This game was developed for the 2015 Leap Motion Game Jam competition. The brief only had the requirement to make the very best use of the awesome Leap Motion technology with VR if we liked. We made sure our entry focused on an innovative game mechanic that could only be experienced with this unique tech. The game allows players to climb a virtual wall to conquer a mountain. The player achieves this safely but sill under pressure by using their actual hands with no controllers required! The player has to time the poses of their hands to latch onto grips to help swing an avatar from climb grip to climb grip. Fail to get your timing just right, and watch as you fall hilariously to your death. Complete with bone cracking and spine-tingling animations. Leap Mountain is probably the most unforgiving, challenging and fun game made for Leap Motion, try it out.

Our game concept was featured as part of a series of innovative entries for Leap Motion this year.

Mode Monster Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Hand IR sensor detection devices

This project uses the latest update to the Leap Motion – Orion. Leap Motion is a tiny magical box that delivers a high degree of precision and tracking of hands and fingers. This allows developing games with a unique interaction concept allowing us to develop innovative VR and augmented reality games.

Concept Art

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