Trajenta Racing Kinect Game

Lilly Road Ahead Challenge

Drive A Vehicle Controller-less With Your Hands

To help promote a Lilly and Boeheim Ringer’s product at upcoming expos and conferences during 2015/2016, we developed an Xbox Kinect game in conjunction with DDB. The game was designed to reinforce the client’s key messages and get attention from passing delegates at the conferences.

The game was built using the Xbox Kinect SDK, allowing up to 3 players to compete. Challenged to fun 3D racing, the players controlled the direction of their vehicle by physically turning their arms; and acceleration, by pushing their arms outwards, controlling speed and boost. The players were pre-game challenged to a quick quiz, with the fastest player to answer winning a starting line assist. The goal of the game is to collect as many pickups as possible and get to the finish line first.

The result was successful, with the client getting up to 3+ hours of continual play over 2 days (playable only during session breaks) at the initial conference. The game was designed so that the client could start a casual dialogue with industry professionals they normally wouldn’t get the chance to speak with. We provided on site support, gaming equipment, surrounding panel and floor artwork, and the game software we developed to deliver this great result.

Mode Monster Arcade

Multiplayer Kinect controller

This project used the latest tech from Microsoft with Kinect v2. The Kinect can instantaneously detect and track up to 4 players, we developed a fun racing game  with gestures to help boost players to the finish line!

Concept Art

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