HCP Aspen Kinect Conference Event Game

Kinect Aspen Challenge

Can keep your balance in augmented reality

An Xbox Kinect game was developed with DDB to help Aspen promote their product at upcoming expos and conferences in 2015. The game was designed to reinforce the client’s key messages and get attention from passing delegates at each conference.

The game was built using the Xbox Kinect SDK and allowed up to 2 players to participate in a fun 3D game. Players could accurately control the movement of characters to interact with falling obstacles, collecting as many as possible in 60 seconds.

The result was successful for the client, getting up to 3 hours of continual play at each conference. The game allowed Aspen to start a dialogue with industry professionals they normally wouldn’t get the chance to speak with. We provided on site support in 2 major cities over 3 events in 2015, gaming equipment and the game software we developed to deliver this great result.

Mode Monster Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Kinect head to head games

This project uses the Kinect sensor to allow two players to compete in a quick game together. Each player is automatically detected within a limited region in physical 3D space! A great idea to draw attention at your next event.


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