Disney XD Oz Monsters Fighting Game

Attack Of The Oz Monsters

Combine weapons take down monsters

Attack of the Ozmonsters is a turn-based strategy fighting game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The goal is to fight back against the Ozmonsters and ensure the survival of a small squad of characters. Each character has their own set of weapons and equipment so players must strategically select the best gear for their characters for each battle. The HQ is where players will be able to craft weapons from blueprints they collect throughout the game. Players can also communicate with the battle command computer to locate Ozmonsters and get tips for the battles to help them to win.

As players move through the levels defeating the Ozmonsters they will be rewarded with new weapons. These can then be combined to make new weapons that are more powerful and even more ridiculous. Take a gas canister gun and poison bombs and turn it into a fart launcher to stink your enemies to death. Start collecting exploding bombs and fribees and fuse them to make the Fris-Boom.

Players will face beasts from three different categories – there’s the downright ridiculous Ozmonsters like the burping Wom-bat, the horrid Ozmonsters like the horned Whino and then there’s the evil boss birds who control it all. As the game continues players will accumulate better weapons, extra armour and more power to help them wipe out the Ozmonsters and save the world to ultimately defeat King Kook. Each week players are invited to watch Disney XD every Friday from 6pm AEST to spot the weekly code word to unlock special weapon blueprints.

Mode Monsters Fighting

Crazy turn based fighting fun for Disney XD

We developed this simple game idea with the restrictions of a thin brief, a short time frame/budget for one of the worlds largest IPs Disney with promotion and marketing with The Hallway. We tailored our game design to fit with Disney requirements to combine elements of their existing IPs with new elements created for the Oz Monsters world.

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