Cowboys Vs Pirates Fighting Game

Cowboys Vs Pirates

The Quick and The Undead

Fight with Harry Hotdog in two fun game modes: Story and Multiplayer Battle on the worlds most popular web gaming portals Armor Games and  Nickelodeon’s Addicting Games.

Harry Hotdog never believed the myths and legends told of the Dead Man’s Curse Saloon. He thought it was just a good way to draw the crowds. They also serve the best darn whiskey in all the territory and more importantly, let him run a tab. It’s a crying shame that it turns out the stories are true. Underneath the saloon, a whole mob of pirates were buried, and they’ve come back to life. Hungry for brains and thirsty for rum. But Harry Hotdog ain’t giving up his favourite watering hole without a fight…

Story mode introduces the first chapter of this epic fight for survival: ‘The Quick and The Undead.’ There are 32 stages of fast and furious shoot ‘em up fun. As well as your trusty six-shooter, you’ll find a host of different weapons to take down the relentless dead. These include the spinning fury of the saw-disc-gun and the ever faithful boom-stick. Collect loot and search for treasure to buy upgrades to your stats and weapons.

Multiplayer Battle allows you to compete against up to 5 online players to see who’s the meanest zombie pirate slayer in town. There are 3 different challenge modes, 8 different arenas and 3 levels of difficulty depending on how lily-livered you are! Special pick-ups are available which can really mess up the opposition. The best gunslingers get to improve their stats and work their way up on the global high scores list.

Mode Monsters Fighting

Played by 5 million+ players

With a player average rating between 3.5 and 4.5 stars. Count-less positive reviews can be read on in the comment feeds within Armor and Addiciting games postal sites. Cowboys Vs Pirates was a game we thoroughly enjoyed making, here is what some of our players told us directly!


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