We strive to exceed our clients’ satisfaction beyond all levels of expectation.

Mode Games is an independent game development studio in Sydney, Australia. We make games for the purpose of education, branding and promotions or as products for your business. Mode Games provides Australia’s best and most committed software development service for our clients with the production of exceptional quality games. Our games can be played in browser, on mobile or at live events. We also have created games for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality too. Our clients include local and global brands and agencies. At Mode no client is too big or too small, we work with you directly and our goal is to make an amazing game suiting your budget and time frame. Get in touch today!

This is what Mode offers.


We produce blazingly fast and bug-free code. We share and keep a history of our development progress via BitBucket to ensure our clients have access to our frequent development builds.


We create unique artwork which our players love and our clients/partners adore. From pixel to realistic art, we always strive to deliver beautiful and original art styles for our games.

Cross Platform

We develop cross-platform games for popular platforms for release in the App Store or your upcoming live event we have you covered. We develop for iOS and Android supporting all iPhones and iPads devices, as well as a majority of Android devices. Delivering your game with us and a cross-platform strategy extends the reach and therefore the profitability / success of your game.


We produce the best sounds effects and music so memorable you’ll be humming our tunes in your sleep for weeks to come. We compose and select custom music and sound effects to match your budget and the creative requirements.


We animate amazing characters and effects at a blazing rate of 60fps. Animations and effects make our games come to life. If you can imagine it, then we will animate it!


Level and game editing tools, multi-player and multi-peer engines, physics simulation, server side API frameworks, Kinect sensor controllers, Google Cardboard, VR, we’ve even hacked into microprocessors to make our games. Trust, we can handle anything. We have the infrastructure, know-how, experience, and custom-built tools and technology to deliver games no other developer can promise to deliver.

Game Design

We tailor game designs creating mechanics and replay-ability hooks to help get the most out of any game idea. Perfecting your game design is essential to finding the perfect blend of mechanics to create what could be the next app store mega hit.

Story Writing

We develop characters and develop stories to help build our worlds and engage players. An effective storyline can help to create a deeper emotional attachment to your game. From something dramatic to lighthearted kids’ humour, we have the experience and bucket loads of creativity to write you game story.


We track how your game is performing in real-time, to help us understand how to improve profitability, stability and performance of your game. We integrate industry standard APIs, helping us to store big data and make informed decisions for updates by using your games analytics.


We provide localisation services to bring your existing game to new territories on app stores. We assist with text/content localisation to voice/audio translation to allow your game to truly reach a global locale.

Marketing & Support

We develop marketing campaigns and advertising strategies to get noticed by press and highly influential game reviewers. As tools to this provide press kits and ongoing marketing material to make social noise and help promote your app.


All our apps and games are tested continuously and rigorously during development on-device before release. We pride ourselves not only on delivering creative and unique work, but stable and very reliable games through a QA process. We also utilise automated tested processes and user live bug tracking. We will always be aware of even the slightest of issues in your app release. We ensure your app is always running at its peak potential, ensuring you get the best app reviewer ratings!

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