Second Chances

Save the school. Change the world.
Compete & challenge your mind in a crazy soccer tournament.

This project was developed for Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) made possible by the collaboration of Google with us as part of the Google Impact Challenge.

The goal of the project is to inspire young minds to pursue pathways in Science, Maths, Engineering, Technology and innovation aka STEM.

The process of development was accelerated by an Australia wide and a week long special programme created by AIME and Mode. This culminated with the kids pitching a game idea to a judging panel including Good Game’s Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen, Mode Games’ Shane McCartney, Google’s Leticia Lentini, and Western Sydney Year 9 AIME student, Jandamarra Smith. From this event a winner was announced and the development of Second Chances was set into motion.

Second Chances is set in a fantastical but relatable world where medieval meets Hip Hop. Marlee the game’s main character is new at the school, meeting new friends and enemies. But Marlee has a troubled past and AIME High is her last chance to get things right. Underneath Marlee’s tough exterior she the power within to be a great leader.

But things are not easy, the school is facing annihilation from a monstrous mindless creature the ‘Digestor’. Embark on a journey to save the school one grade at a time, help create an amazing team to win nail biting matches against your opponents to win a soccer sports tournament. Have you got what it takes to save Aime High from being eaten?

“You can learn a lot through games, so playing isn’t a bad thing. For example, if you play Minecraft you can learn about the earth and minerals, just like for geography class. You learn from playing that game”.

Christian from Coolum Beach, QLD
Winner of the game design challenge @ AIME- Team Name CLEJ

A game about hip hop, education and kicking amazing goals!

We worked with AIME to help deliver this project, which involved everything from producing rap songs, to workshopping game ideas with kids r as part of the game design process, to the nitty gritty of releasing a game for mobile platforms.

The game featured on many prominent news sites, such as gaming and national news sources Kotaku and ABC News. A segment was also created on ABC Spawn Point to promote the game and document the process with  Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen  – who had been a part of the game judging process – presenting the show.

Mode developed the game for iOS and Android and released it in October of 2017. It includes a super fun soccer game, with an interactive story mechanic, which together have proven to helps kids become motivated and engaged in STEM content within a fun school setting. This is designed to translate this virtual experience to help kids engage and participate with these subjects in the real-world classroom environment.

Mode Monster Plays Mobile

Creating Educational games kids want to play

Unlike most games, this game was developed using the ideas of over 2,000 young indigenous youth (11-14 year olds) in Australia. The resulting product, in conjunction with AIME, was the creation of the game Second Chances. We worked in a collaborative and flexible process with the CEO of AIME, Jack Manning-Bancroft. Jack helped Mode to gain the best insight into what it’s like to be part of AIME, this is so we could translate these messages and experiences into a unique game experience. Jack even exists as a guiding character in the game. The game is centered around the main character Marlee who is the captain of the team. Marlee mentors her team-mates to get past her own problems and their individual differences. In turn, they can become a better team, ready to confront the monster. Working together to change their world.

Promotional Images
Character Concept Art Development
Environment Concept Art Development

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